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Tips to Improve Web Chat Experience

A web chat or online chat is a system whereby agent can communicate in real time with clients over the internet. Here are ways to enhance webchat experience of customers.

Allow focus. Web chat is one of the most disregarded services of a call center. Agents assigned to web chat should have no other distractions so that they can focus and properly handle challenging conversations.

Place web chat agents together. Web chat agents should sit next to each other so that they can help each other with difficult questions.

Train right agents for chat. Web chat is a specialized service that equally entails specialized skills from typing to creating sentences in brief ways and in correct grammars.

Provide web chat agents with phone access. This will allow agents to contact customer and talk to them via phone in case the query escalates.

Average handling time should be measured as “active time”. AHT can be computed by measuring the duration of time a webchat window for a specific client is open.

Allow agents to reassign matters they don’t know. Web chat Agents should be able to assign issues to appropriate or more skilled agent specific matters that are beyond their knowledge.

Provide web chat for different departments. Provide web chat for technical issues, marketing, sales, inquiries, and other issues to ensure that the right person is giving the best answer.

Utilize social media to promote web chat. Social media such as Facebook and twitter can be channels to promote web chat with extant customers.

Drive web chat options to website visitors – encourage customers lingering in one’s website for a chat by simply prompting a web chat prompt with a short message.

Identify peaks in web chat demand. In this way one can assign more agents to cover or accommodate peaks in demand.

Offer self-service options before pushing web chat. This can be achieved by providing a help page or FAQ section among others.

Call-back when web chat advisor is available. Provide ways for customers to give number which company can call later.

Personalize chat with video or picture. To ensure that customers are talking to humans, provide picture or video option where customer can see pic or video of chat agent.

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