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Tips to Motivate Call Center Agents

One of primary responsibilities of managers is to motivate staff so that they will work better and harder. Here are a few tips to keep call center agents always motivated.

Make them happy. The workplace should be a place where employees look forward to go to everyday and not a place that they want to stay away from. Creating a great work environment can be achieved by facilitating camaraderie among employees. The workplace should be made a home away from home.

Positive feedback. Giving people positive feedback will create a positive attitude. It is like talking to one’s children. Managers should learn how to make employees feel valued. Even in their failures and weaknesses, managers should learn how to correct mistakes in a positive and constructive manner.

Provide them with the right tools and skills. Agents should be provided with the right tools and skills for them to provide the services, assignments or functions they are expected to do effectively. They should be given proper training such as communication and computer skills so that they can perform their work. They should be given a good computer and fast internet connection.

Reward them. Rewarding employees is one of the common ways of keeping agents motivated. This can come in the form of a promotion, financial incentive, commission, gifts, recognition, a party, a break, or any other means that will allow an agent feel recompensed for a job well done.

Keep things new. Any person doing the same thing over and over again will lose his or her enthusiasm in doing the work. Management can prevent this natural predilection by keeping things fresh. This can be done by creatively adding something new or different to the job, and by providing training.

Talk to them. Managers should not be absentee landlords who just let and expect the sailors run the ship smoothly. Managers should be there in the floor once in a while to talk things out, chit chat with agents or even praise them. Note that their presence should not be so austere or exacting to avoid micromanagement, which can be stressful to agents.

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