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Tips on Call Center Job Hunting

While there are a great work opportunities available in the booming call center industry in the Philippines, it is nevertheless difficult to get a job because of the tough competition among applicants. People planning to build a career in the call center industry should therefore be systematic in hunting for a job. Following are tips in call center job hunting.

Make a list. Make a list of potential companies where there are openings or vacancies. And since there are good and bad call center companies, it would be prudent to mark the companies by one’s preference. But if you are only looking for a job, then arrange your list based on geographical location so that one can optimize your visit in a place where vacancies are available.

Apply online. It would be more preferable to apply online so that you can send as many applications as possible. For those requiring personal application or presence through walk in applications, prepare copies of your resume and drop you resumes to other companies within the vicinity, which has openings as well.

Gain Skills. Call center work requires a specific skill set such as communication skills, technical skills and customer service skills. If one is totally alien to these skills or if one feels that one lacks those skills, it would be advisable to undergo brief training to gain the skills required. TESDA sponsors call center training for free or for very minimal fee. One could opt to attend the training, get a certificate to improve one’s chances of landing to a job. More often than not, these training institutions will also recommend it successful trainees to affiliated call center companies.

Learn about the industry and the company. Knowledge is power. Before one embarks on applying, one should know what the industry is all about. More specifically, one should also get a background of every company that one applies to before doing an interview. Most call center companies have websites from which one can get initial information and background about their corporate profile, values, services and other such information.

Be determined. Call center work is not just work. It entails a complete lifestyle adjustment. One will most probably be appointed in a night shift schedule. In which case, an applicant should be prepared to adjust and change one’s lifestyle to fit the demands of the industry.

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  1. James Reply

    As a director of a BPO in the Philippines can I suggest that your recommendation of applying as much on line as possible is not the best way to secure employment in a call center. Best thing you can do is just wear out the shoe leather.
    Call centers tend to be clustered in certain areas – so identify the area you wish to work, print up 20 resumes (and keep your resume short – never more than two pages) and hit the streets.
    Everyone is hiring pretty much all the time – so you can easily apply for multiple positions in a single day just by walking in. But in reality you shouldn’t need to. The right talent for the industry is hard to find – if you have the english skills and the right background you will be snapped up – generally employers who like the look of you will not let you out of the building without already offering you a job.

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