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Tips on Phone Interviews

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Many companies conduct initial phone interviews as part of its initial screening process to help save time and effort in doing interviews at the office as well as help applicants save their time and effort in going to the office and getting rejected immediately. In the call center industry, this also helps the HR to initially evaluate the aptness of an applicant in communicating remotely over the phone, which is exactly how services are rendered in the contact industry. As the first ever phone interview, it is important for the applicant to make a great impression that would definitely help one to landing the job.

In doing a phone interview, one should be prepared. Since most interviews are brief and general, it would be worthwhile to have one’s resume when relaying one’s work experience as well a biographical background. It is also important to have a pen and paper immediately available to take notes for any instructions that will come from the interviewer. One should go to a quiet place when talking to the interviewer to avoid unnecessary noises that can disrupt, interrupt or get in the way of hearing or listening the interviewer. It is therefore advised to turn off music, television or any background noises. One is advice to speak slowly and clearly. It is also advisable to smile while talking because smiling will be physically reflected in the way a person talks.

There are also some things that one should avoid during the interview. No. 1 would be to refrain from doing other activities while talking to the interviewer. This includes things that will disturb the way you speak such as smoking, eating or chewing a gum. For every question, one should answer briefly. It would also be prudent to calmly listen to the speaker and avoid interrupting the interviewer while speaking. Phone interviews are brief and interviewers also expect to obtain brief answers from the interviewee. Thus, one does not need to provide too detailed information or explain things in detail when answering questions. Responses should be short and direct to the point. After the interview, do not forget to thank the interviewer which forms part of making a good impression.

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