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Tips to Reducing Hold Time

Hold time refers to the time a customer needs to wait on the phone before a customer service representative becomes free to serve the customer. Time is gold for both that customer and the company. The longer the hold time, the bigger the chance a customer gets frustrated to the detriment of the company. The longer the hold time, the lesser the customers a company can serve. In lieu of which, hereunder are some tips to reduce hold time.

Staff up to meet demand. This means hiring more agents during peak season or assigning more agents during peak hours so that more agents are made available to cover the number of callers.

Provide better self service. This can be facilitated by providing clear, simple and sufficient support service and FAQs in the company website, so that customers can be more self sufficient in getting information about inquiries or in conducting their own troubleshooting, thereby limiting the number of potential clients calling for support.

Reduce handle times. Handle time pertains to the time spent by a customer agent talking to a client. This can be reduced in different ways such as by improving processes and better or more efficient agents. The first one pertains to simplifying the different processes involved in processing a call such as providing a system, where an agent can immediately retrieve account information of client. The latter refers to creating more efficient agents who can speedily address and solve problems of the client. This can be achieved by training agents better in doing their work or by providing quick guides for agents in doing their work.

Give call back options. Instead of making client wait, give them the option for a call back from a customer agent. Make sure however that an agent calls back the customer. This gives customer’s a greater sense of importance and control.

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