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Tips to Get Sales Calls Answered

Cold calling and selling via phone to an unknown prospect is one of the most challenging tasks in a call center. However, there are ways through which one can improve the chances of getting a positive response from clients.

Keep it brief and sweet. Telemarketers should bear in mind that people don’t want their time taken from them. Hence, it is important to make a very brief yet impressive sales pitch to prospective customer. After which, one should thank customer for their time.

Establish a personal connection quickly. To achieve this, agent should know personal background of prospect and try to connect the product or service they are offering with the needs, wants or disposition of the prospective customer.

Compliment the customer. Before asking anything, agent should give something first such as a complement useful information or helpful advice in a sincere and honest manner.

Provide genuine choices. There is no one single product that perfectly fits everybody. Agents should learn carefully plan presentation and provide options, alternatives and other customizable ways that will allow prospective customer find the perfect match to his or her needs.

Stay positive. Agents should be ready for both negative and positive response. In case of an immediate negative response, one should not be rattled or discouraged because it will affect the next call.

Personalize strategy for different customers. There are different ways to approach people with different personalities. Similarly, different strategies apply to prospective customers. Agent should be able to detect impatience, interest, indifference, available time and other disposition of customer through their voices and make the necessary adjustment to talk.

Details later. The sales pitch should be brief and interesting. Agents would only engage in explaining details if the customer asks for its.

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