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Tips To Become a Top Call Center Agent

Call center agents in the Philippines have a very tough job description. They stay awake at night; hold their emotions when customers become unprofessional towards them; and work under pressure when the team managers and the client are putting too much workloads on them. There are only a few things that can motivate the call center agents. It could be the sense of fulfillment, their family or compensation. Talking about compensation, call center agents, though are highly paid when compared to other jobs. They are paid through incentive and performance schemes on top of their basic salary. Now, how can you get those incentives? To answer that question, a call center agent must need to be a top performer. Here are the tips on how to become a top performer call center agent:

Attendance. It is very important that call center agents are punctual. Since most of the BPO companies operate at 24/7, this kind of industry could not afford absenteeism nor late attendees as it highly affects the businesses’ operations. Therefore, to motivate the agents to come in on time, call center companies offer perfect attendance as part of the incentive scheme.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI). Call centers are KPI-driven. This means it is the basis for a company or an organization how well their employees performed and if there are processes that need improvement. For call centers, KPI includes customer satisfactory survey, average handling time, first call resolution, and how would it likely the customers recommend the product offered by the company. Focusing on customer satisfactory survey, it is very important that the agents are well-mannered, professional, and provide excellent customer service, as it will lead to a positive feedback from the customers.

Sales. This is where high incentives given to the call center agents. When a call center agent sells the product well hitting the sales target, he/she is rewarded with sales incentives. In addition, if he/she is consistently hitting the target, he/she is also recognized as the sales top performer.

Nomination from co-workers. There are companies leading a program, in which it will ask other employees who will be nominated and identified as the employee of the month. The co-workers will identify the employee through his personality. He/she is usually recognized annually.

The key of success of all BPO industries also came from the success of call center agents who performed well for the company.

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