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Tips for Training Call Center Agents

Training of agents form an integral component of any call center operation, whether it is about developing new skills, familiarizing agents with products or services, or upgrading new skills. Here are tips so that call center agents are receptive and motivated to undergo training.

Explain objective. Trainees should be informed what the training is all about, its purpose, goals, objectives as well as its importance to trainees.

Introduce trainees to each other. Since most trainings are conducted in batches or teams, it is essential that the trainer introduce the members of each team to each other. This is also especially important to new hires. In this way, they would be able to establish camaraderie with other members and feel more at home with the team.

Enjoin top performers to the training. Enjoining everybody including top performing agents in the training will eliminate any misconception that the training is meant only for deficient or unsatisfactory members of the team, which can discouraging to others.

Provide incentives. Providing incentives is the most common way to motivate people or increase productivity. Incentives like a potential promotion, merit increase, the receipt of gifts or certificates that will promise greater opportunities career growth can help inspire agents to seriously undergo training.

Involve agents. Agents are professionals who are mostly college degree holders. They should not be treated like blank receptors of knowledge but should be treated as sharers of knowledge as well. To make training interesting, it should also prompt trainees to share their experience and knowledge.

Treat agents individually. While training is provided to a team, training should be customized to the individual needs and limitations of the trainee. If necessary, the trainer should approach training differently to fit the learning styles of individual trainees.

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