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Titanium Intercommerce Tech

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Titanium Intercommerce Tech Inc. or Titanium Technologies is a BPO company establish in 1991 which provides services in the form of payroll and timekeeping automations and HR solutions. Through its flagship product, ePayroll.ph, Titanium Tech Philippines helps clients to concentrate on what really matters: their businesses.

ePayroll.ph is a web-based outsourced payroll application provider made by the company itself. Its main function and benefit is redirecting time-consuming and costly tasks related to timekeeping, payroll, human resources, and remittances to a software system which could easily automate these. In turn, by availing this service, the company can now focus their resources on more relevant aspects such as revenue-generating activities.

Fundamentally, the vital features which contribute to ePayroll’s proliferation in business markets is its connections with systems and applications that are currently considered unorthodox and non-traditional but are far more efficient compared to traditional ones. Some of these systems include: electronic time recorders, ATM facilities, various GL software etc.

Aside from standard payroll features that you can get from a traditional one, it provides other neat features such as 40 loans per employee, creation of JV-entry files, validation of overtime against supervisor approvals, a self-service web based inquiry system, automated memo preparation and many more.

Security is a prime issue in these kinds of transactions thus Titanium Technologies makes sure that facilities and confidential data are secure. Specialists employed by the company look out for any suspicious activity while making all systems usage ready for auditing. To further adamant its reliability, Titanium Tech Philippines implements additional measures such as PKI, biometric and encryption to ensure data safety and confidentiality.

As the service that the company is widely software based, the company is in need of talented and skilled individuals in software. But also since the software is also largely based on providing automation on payrolls or HR services, degrees on Business, Banking and Finance are pretty much welcome in their ranks. Hired employees by the company are usually assigned jobs regarding technical support, software implementation and maintenance. If you are an experienced and talented software professional with a knack on business in finance, or the other way around, Titanium Technologies might be the best ground to grow your career.

Titanium Technologies call center office location:

  • Titanium Tech Mandaluyong
    829 San Pablo Street
    Brgy. Plainview, Mandaluyong City

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