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TOA is one of the leading providers of audio systems and products around the world. Tracing its roots from the early 1930s, TOA has been producing quality devices for close to 80 years with no signs of stopping soon. TOA is in the business of delivering a quality of sound that uniquely represents the company through the devices that have been released. Through years of experience in producing sound equipment, TOA has managed to stay ahead of the competition while making a mark in the industry.

Sound quality is hard to get by nowadays. Here at TOA, the company stands by its promise of producing high-quality audio in devices that are built to be imperishable. With such amazing quality, the company’s products will deliver the medium in crystal clear clarity to bring down barriers that’ll hinder communication.

The company’s products are made in a way that is sure to stand the test of time. TOA prides itself in producing quality sound equipment that’ll be the key in elevating the audio experience wherever it’s utilized in. Be it for concerts, offices, or personal use, TOAs products will maintain its top notch quality in spite of tremendous pressure from everyday usage.

Entry-grade products such as Amplifiers, PA Speakers, and Wired Microphones are offered by TOA to provide basic audio support for small-scale gatherings and other occasions. Conference Systems, Intercom Systems, and Audio Source Devices are also produced by TOA as a way of optimizing the audio system for offices and events grounds. Specialized audio devices such as Voice Evacuation System, Pro Audio Speakers, Wireless Microphones and Network Audio Adapters are also offered by TOA for unique demands in specific occasions.

In terms of services, TOA will be in-charge of installing the audio system you have purchased, to properly and strategically immerse the system in specific rooms/offices. TOA covers installation for facilities such as halls and theaters, Commercial Facilities, Schools & Educational Facilities, among others for delivering the quality of sound its products provide.

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