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Top 10 Resignation Reasons in Call Center

Call Center Company in the Philippines is very much in demand. That is why any graduate of 4 year course can apply and work as a call center, and applying in this company is as easy as 123, but there are also a limitations. The agent will satisfy his needs for some time and enjoying it for a number of months sometimes years and then realize that they are not happy in what they are doing. An agent won’t feel any satisfaction in the company he’s working unless given what will truly satisfy them. Working as a call center agent is like working in a swarm of ants. Because of many working individuals trying to show their individual talents, it’s hard for them to recognize unless they will outshine and do better than others in trying to catch the attention of their superiors.

In grave shift especially if having a family of one’s own, the agent needs to have his free time on the daytime rather than on the night time because on this time of the day his family is awake and the precious time supposedly allotted to them won’t be able to happen. This is just a minor excuse on the part of the agent, because from the beginning the agent knows the rules and regulations of a call center company.
There are many reasons why an agent resigned in the company he’s working. These are just samples of one of them:

  1. the highly structured environment-the call centers are usually have in place strict rules on how to use the phones, adapting in the new environment will have a sudden effect on the agent to continue his work.
  2. Changing Bonus structure- compensation in a call center is big enough for the agents to receive. But if the company every now and then shift the company objectives and changes the bonus structure, this might affect the flow of the agent’s decisions.
  3. Benefit Changes- changes in benefits the least of them is the free coffee in the break room, before the coffee is free to all agents to have, but for some reasons they take them away. Also the big deal is that they promised a certain health benefits suddenly once hired they take it away.
  4. Low-Balling the employee at the time of Hiring-try to compensate the employee what they truly deserves.
  5. Call Burn –out- stress is the most culprits in working in a call center company.
  6. Lack of growth Potential-been in the company for a longer of time and think that progress and promotion is hard to achieved.
  7. Compensation Structure-the number reason why an agent resigned because of the salary.
  8. Lack of professionalism-lack of courtesy on how to speak and communicate with the customers, forgetting the dress code, and many others.
  9. Schedule- scheduling is a big deal on the agent the graveyard shift and time frame.
  10. Bored- lack of challenge in the working environment.


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