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Top 20 Call Centers In The Philippines Revealed

With all the call center companies setting up offices in the Philippines, it is important for us to identify the top 20 call centers today. This can serve as a guide for job seekers and current employees to ensure that they will only render their services to the best in the industry. Let us enumerate the top 20 in the list in no particular order.

Convergys Philippines is among the global leaders in terms of providing services to their clients worldwide. They have been operating in the country since 2003 and since then they have gained the reputation of being one of the leaders in terms of giving the best benefits to its employees.

Stream Global Services also known as eTelecare is known in the business for being people oriented. This company ensures that they do not only offer good compensation but they also see to it that their employees will have a good time as they carry on their tasks through the various state of the art facilities that they have in their break rooms.

Concentrix Technologies is a collaborative network of worldwide information technology providers and distributors, merging products and services to provide businesses a wide array of IT and outsourcing solutions. Concentrix Technologies Inc. have partners worldwide providing a global mix of products and services that let us expand beyond local boundaries and service wider markets globally.

Aegis People Support is slowly making its mark in the business process outsourcing industry. Healthcare, insurance, telecommunications and travel are just some of the support that they offer to their clients. They have a total of 5,000 work stations in 8 key locations in the Philippines. In 2008 they created a tie up with People Support.

Teleperformance is a proud holder of an ISO certificate. They offer customer support, technical support as well as automation solutions. This company offers good incentive packages to employees who get hired thus making them among the leaders in the industry.

IBM Business Services offers career growth like no other. The management sees to it that their employees will have the opportunity of building their ranks in the company. They offer trainings that enhance the skills of their employees thereby allowing them to be IT ready.

ICT Group offers customer care solutions at its best. They provide assistance to both domestic and international companies who are in the field of telecommunications, insurance, finance and information technology. They have started their operations in 2003 and their very first office was in Makati City.

Sutherland Global Services is a multi-national technology and analytics enabled Business Process Services enterprise.

West Contact Services specializes in automated voice response and direct marketing as well. They have been awarded as Employee of the Year in 2009 by the European Chamber of Commerce. This goes to show that they are not only offering the best services to their clients but they also see to it that their employees get the care they deserve.

Teletech has gained the trust of job seekers because of the number of benefits that they offer to their employees. They even have a gym within their office to ensure that the health of their employees is well taken cared of. They have created a tie-up with the Philippine Long Distance Company in the year 2000 to make their operations stronger.

Telus International Philippines high quality services and efficient IT solutions are two of the best qualities that they boast off. They have various sites in the Metro to ensure that they can be of service not just to their clients but also to their employees. Back office research, finance, market research and IT development are the types of services that they offer to their clients worldwide.

Sykes Asia is among the pioneers in the call center industry. A lot of job hunters still opt to apply to this company because of the compensation packages that they offer. They also have the best HMO benefits for their employees and their beneficiaries. Telecommunications, information technology, finance and insurance are just some of the types of support that they offer.

Sitel Philippines lives by the values of customer lifecycle which comprises of customer selection, customer acquisition, customer retention and customer extension. Because of this, a lot of companies get their services to act as their representatives which make Sitel as one of the most in-demand BPO companies in the country today.

APAC Customer Services is a leading provider of integrated customer care and acquisition services. APAC’s award-winning suite of Customer Lifecycle Management Solutions (CLMS) consistently delivers increased sales, increased customer loyalty and enterprise-wide process improvements for many of the world’s most successful companies.

Transcom offers cost-effective solutions and efficient quality optimization to its clients. They see to it that it is not just their clients that are satisfied but they also make sure that they provide the best work environment for their employees as well.

24 by 7 Contacts Solutions is the first Business Process Outsourcing companies that provide customer lifecycle management through multi-shore global delivery model. Value added services and a unique proposition is what sets 24 by 7 apart from other BPO companies.

Dell Philippines has made its mark in the call center industry. Dell in particular was the pioneer when it comes to toll free technical support hotline and the need to expand their business offshore has allowed Filipinos to experience how it is to work for one of the leaders in the IT industry.

NCO Group is among the global leaders when it comes to providing business process outsourcing services to their clients worldwide. Their main focus is to find the best agents in the country to help them carry out the tasks at hand. They have about a 100 offices in various countries including the Philippines.

Aditya Birla Minacs provides customized business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions focused on three core areas of capability: contact center solutions, integrated marketing services and knowledge process outsourcing. Aditya Birla Minacs combines expertise in these areas to improve revenue, customer service and operating margin for Fortune 500 clients.

HP Hewlett Packard mobility and wireless, e-commerce and business management are just some of the services that they offer. A lot of employees have been transferring to HP because of the career growth that awaits them and the high salary and benefits that they offer.

These call center companies mentioned are among the leaders in the BPO industry and their rankings normally change through time. The ones that were listed above are not being ranked according to their current standings but rest assured that these companies are among the best in the call center industry today. Hopefully, you can find this information useful and can serve as your reference.

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    what are your qualifiers for considering these the “best”?

    are they included based on generated revenues? that’s great for the company owners but mostly irrelevant for rank and file employees. is your definition of peak performance the number of employees? number of accounts maintained? number of sites or offices locally or worldwide? employee satisfaction? salary and benefits? types of work (voice services, chat and email support, etc)

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