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Top 5 Call Center Interview Questions

Do you have an upcoming job interview for a particular call center company? Are you feeling nervous already because you don’t have any idea what are the usual questions being asked by hiring managers? Do you have a call center background already but still having jitters regarding interview questions? Is this your first take in working for a BPO company?

If you answered yes to most of the questions above, then set aside a few minutes of your time to read the rest of this article so as to give you an idea on call center interview questions that are normally being asked by the HR recruitment officers of a given company.

Question #1: Can you tell me something about yourself?
You need to answer in a professional manner and there is no need for you to mention details like your name and how old you are because they have your resume for reference so they have an idea already who they are speaking with. Instead, try to focus on your interests and hobbies and how this can be helpful in your future job as a call center agent.

Question# 2: What is the reason behind why you want to work for this particular company?
It is of great importance that you research on the company that you are applying for so that just in case they ask you a question that is similar to this, you know what to answer. You can say something like “I know that this is one of the top call center companies in the industry today and that working for this company will be a great honor.” You can also say things about the unique benefits being offered by the company and explain how these things can be beneficial to you.

Question #3: What are your experiences in your previous call center job?
You can give them a rundown on some of the things that you normally do at work. If you’re a technical support agent, you can probably talk about the type of support that you do. Customer support agents on the other hand can talk about the things that they do to assist their customers with regards to the products that they are offering. You don’t need to mention the particular account that you have worked for. Just give them an overview of the product in general and what type of services do you normally offer to help the customer resolve their issue.

Question #4: Are you a team player and what do you think is the importance of having team work?
You need to have good communication skills when working in a call center industry. It is important that you know how to interact with your colleagues in order to make your job easier. The work entails team work and you can’t just confine yourself in your own cubicle. You need to lend a hand when your co-worker needs help. So, these are the things that you should mention when faced with a question like this.

Question #5: Why should we hire you and if we do will you be an asset to this organization?
Being confident and too confident are two different things. You need to be confident when delivering your answers but you shouldn’t be too confident and sound as if you’re arrogant because there is a greater chance that you won’t get the job if the recruiting officer feels that you are too buoyant. You can say “I believe that my skills and my work etiquette can be an asset to this organization. I am eager to learn and willing to become the best call center agent that is worthy to be a part of this company.”

Hopefully the information can help you ace your interview. Remember, you need to believe in yourself that you’re good so others will believe in you too. Good luck and I hope that you get the job.

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