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How to Be the Top Agent

Posted on May 21, 2016 | No Comments on How to Be the Top Agent

Let’s face it – who does not want to be a top performing agent? Apart from the big bonus that you will definitely get in producing outstanding results, you have the prestige and your face might also be plastered in that Wall of Fame, if there’s one in your operations floor. You’d think it’s hard, but the thing is, the right discipline could actually get you to the top.

Average handling time (AHT) – this is the length of each call you take. You have to make sure that it hits the client-recommended number of minutes, which is usually not enough for you if you have a lot to say to the customers. How to hit it: master tool navigation; be straightforward but polite; practice typing speed.

Quality Assurance (QA) – this is where your every call is graded. You should follow the call flow, address the customer’s concern properly and according to the SOP and ensure customer satisfaction. This is something that some agents find it hard to achieve. How to hit it: master call flow; always read company updates; update yourself with the policy changes.

Attendance – this is the metric that is most easy to hit. All you have to do is be on your workstation, ready to take calls at exactly the minute your shift starts. How to hit it: sleep early and well; come to work early; avoid traffic.

Productivity – this measures the number of minutes or hours that you spent in actual work, meaning taking calls. This is a bit tricky, but usually it is not a problem. How to hit it: avoid long after call waiting; avoid call backs as much as possible; avoid overbreaks.

Sales – there are some inbound sales account wherein sales is considered and included as a metric to hit. Many agents are also having a hard time hitting sales target, while others, those who are born with marketing skills enjoy the incentive brought about by big sales. How to hit it: build rapport; use sales pitch as means of resolving the customer’s issue; find the unstated need of your customer; make your product appear to be something that your customers need.

These are just the major metrics that needs to be hit, and once you got all of them, you have the potential to be the top performer. These are tried and tested tips, so you may want to start doing them now.

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