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Top Call Center Problems

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It is beneficial to highlight that there are also problems in the call center. Not only does this allow people to know more about the industry, this also allow prospective employee to prepare to the demands of the BPO industry. These problems, though present in all call centers, can be controlled with the agent’s effort and company reinforcement.

I would like to point out the most common problems in call centers. I hope this will give you an overview as to what call centers are all about.

  • Agent absenteeism. Call center agents are front line support for the clients’ products and service. One missing agent can greatly affect the overall efficiency of the team. This is common to agents who are not faithful to their work. As agents start to get tired of the company, they tend to be absent more. Absenteeism has a domino effect on the team as the remaining agents in the team will have to double their efforts to hit the team and company quota.
  • Staff Attrition. It is never easy to hire employees. There has been an increasing number of attrition due to changes in the management as well as work related stress. Reasons for attrition vary from person to person. Mean statistics will not absolutely find out the reason for attrition.
  • Agent engagement. People have different ways to cope with stress. People cannot really blame agents to disengage on their work as the pressure and stress increases.
  • Mandatory cost cutting. As part of the operations team, we are greatly affected by company cost cutting. Though it is hardly on the compensation side of the job, it is mainly on incentives and activities.
  • Inability to improve performance. As the metrics on any call centers depend on the surveys customers fill out, this proves to be a difficulty on the agents end. None but quality assurance and customer handling is controlled by the agent. As other metrics can be uncontrollable, agents will find difficulty in improving performance.

There will always be a problem in any given job on any given company. The problem is not the problem itself. The problem will remain in the hands of the people working in the company. If they choose to neglect these known problems, it will develop into something they will not be able to solve. Though these are major problems on call centers, these are faithfully reviewed by company leaders and human resource teams. They continually strive to make things easier for agents and will thrive to resolve these issues in the least amount of time. Though not totally eradicated, companies find ways to absolve agents into the existing problems through incentives and compensation.

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