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Top Draw Animation

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Founded in 1999 by Wayne Dearing, Top Draw Animation is a company that specializes in 2D Digital graphics development and animation that offers a comprehensive array of pre-production and production services to top international animation, marketing, and film producers around the globe. Top Draw Animation Philippines proactively provides all its clients with the premium quality standards that is competently delivered on the platforms of reliability, safety and value in order to empower the definitive success of its select clients.

Top Draw Animation is a subsidiary of the TDH Group, broad-based outsourcing group along with TD Outsourcing and Mango Distribution. Whereas Top Draw focuses on animation, TD Outsourcing (TDO) is engaged in rationalizing the infrastructure of its clients and makes the platform for convenient development beyond conventional restrictions since 1999. Mango Distribution on the other hand serves as the distributor of premium quality television and new media projects and acts as agent for merchandising items of popular animation brands.

Top Draw Animation Philippines provides a complete array of pre production and production services as fees for service and through co productions. Pre-Production services of Top Draw Animation included the preparation of Story boards, location design, model and props design, background colour, colour styling, exposure sheets. For its production services, this included Flash/Toon Boom Harmony, library creation, digital asset management, animatic, background layout, background colour, scene assembly, posing, animation, after effects. Finally, its 2D Traditional animations included – Layout, Digital Background, Animation, Assistant Animation, In-betweening, scanning, digital paint, compositing

Top Draw Animation corporate office location:

  • Top Draw Ortigas
    Suite 601, 6th Floor West Tower
    Philippine Stock Exchange Center
    Exchange Road, Ortigas Center
    Pasig City, Philippines

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