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Top HMOs in the Philippines

According to the most popular saying, “Health is wealth.” There is a need that people have to value their health because no one else does. Thus, in one’s employment it is a must that the applicant researches whether the company provides HMO or health maintenance organization. This HMO offers card that definitely offer all the medical services that their member needs. Some HMO cards have still difference on their coverage. Hence, it is a must for people to seek for the best HMO card in the Philippines. Do you want to know what are these? Here are the top HMOs in the Philippines.

Medicard. Based from my research, this is the best medical card because it is affiliated with lots of companies, establishments, and other businesses. Their services are not limited to hospitalization but then it also contains perks such as free coffees, and pastries to their affiliated coffee shops and stores. In terms of their processing, everything is simple. Their validation is not that late. They reply fast and commit to their service wholeheartedly.

Maxicare. This HMO card is cheaper than Medicard but of course it has limits. My friend told me that there is a long process once the member has been hospitalized. He has to wait for a long time before his process could be finished. Moreover, the fund in this card is also connected with one’s government issued PhilHealth. For those people who do not get sick regularly, then they may consider this card. There is certainly perks like cheaper installment fees.

Intellicare. This HMO card is also affordable. My friends share their experience about this card. They are able to enjoy their dental medication in this HMO card. Of course, this service is also limited to extraction and oral prophylaxis. There is still a need for people to work on their coverage in order to fully enjoy this.

These are the top three HMOs in the Philippines. Regardless of what HMO a person belongs to, there is a need for them to be ready in case an emergency stuff happens. An employee needs to back up with this card so that he or she will feel surprised when something happens. If you don’t have this HMO cards, then I suggest that you should start applying now. There are fees which are annual or could be cheaper than this.

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