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TPG Telecom Philippines

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TPG Telecom is one of the biggest major Internet Service provider and information technology companies in Australia. Established in 1992, It was formed through the merger of Total Peripherals Group and SP Telemedia. Thus, TPG stands for Total Peripherals Group. The company starded as a retailer of OEM computers and expanded its services to providing Internet Services and mobile phone services. Today, the company product and services included Internet access, networking, OEM services, mobile phone service and accounting software.

In the Philippines, the registered name of TPG Telecom is Orchid Cybertech Services, which is essentially a subsidiary of TPG Telecom Australia. Orchid Cybertech Services Inc or TPG Telecom Philippines was established on June 2005. As a Telecom company, TPG Philippines primarily provides internet connection services in the Philippines namely ADSL2+, Fibre Optic and Ethernet broadband access, IP telephony services, Internet television mobile broadband connection and different business networking for residential users, small and medium enterprises and large corporations. One the major strengths of the company is its ownership of end-to-end network infrastructure that included DSLAM telephone exchanges across Australia, wide ranging metro fiber optic network, and the international PPC-1 submarine cable that connected Australia and Guam with straight on connectivity to the US and Japan. This infrastructure assures customers of consistent, fast and secured connectivity. And because it own and manage its own network structure, the company takes responsibility to its services from end to end.

TPG Telecom Philippines or Orchid Cybertech Services values its people, products, network assets and innovative culture which are its primary ingredient in providing communication services that are dependable, fast and cost effective. In lieu of which, the company especially provides continuous research and development to upgrade, update and improve this major assets of the company.

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