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TradeGecko Philippines

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TradeGecko is a company that focuses on providing services and solutions for managing inventory and backend administration on the market. The company is Kiwi-born and originally based in Singapore in 2012 – but its founders are three New Zealanders who are all business owners. Cameron and Bradley Priest (who are brothers) together with Carl Thompson are engaged in business varying between apparel and web design. Due to their frustration because of a nonexistent practical solution to manage inventory and backend administration, they decided to begin establishing TradeGecko. After acquiring a considerable amount of funding from well-known investors, these three business owners were able create an excellent team and a wide ranging product which expanded rapidly. This developed TradeGecko into an instinctive cloud-based platform with a considerable number of customer base across the globe in over 75 countries as of today, including TradeGecko Philippines.

TradeGecko offers the following products and services:

Inventory Management
– Inventory control – this service guarantees the improvement of tracking and control over activities in inventory and stock movements.
– Inventory optimization – this service allows the user to anticipate demands and receive alerts of reorder in time so the client would no longer experience being out of stock again.
Multi Warehouse International Growth
– Multi Warehouse – this service lets the client manage and go over inventory across different locations in an effortless manner.
– Multi Channel – this service provides the business owner to increase the business revenue through handling orders and inventory coming from more sales channels.
– Sales Reports – this service provided access to reports on sales and inventory based on real-time data.

Skyrocket Revenue
– B2C Sales Order Management – this service helps the business owner track and fulfill orders the easiest way. Furthermore, the service can also provide customizable experience when it comes to customer purchase.
– Order Fulfillment – this service would help the business owners fulfill orders rapidly, cost effectively and in great volume which results to customer satisfaction.

Business owners can just forget the loads and errors brought by manual work that can be costly for their businesses. TradeGecko guarantees to eliminate its clients’ increasing pains and decrease their managing loads through the use of automating and streamlining processes. With the company’s mission critical features, the clients will certainly find themselves taking it easy through their sales channel management, stock handling, order fulfillment and other features of their businesses in no time, as TradeGecko is committed to make business operations the best part of the day for business owners.

TradeGecko Philippines call center office location:

  • TradeGecko Alabang
    9FF Regus Filinvest One Bldg.
    Northgate Cyberzone,
    Alabang, Muntinlupa

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