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Training Bond in Call Centers

A training bond is an agreement between an employer and employee prior to a training which stipulates a specific conduct that the employee is expected to uphold as a member of the company such as requiring employee to render service for a specified period of time after training. A training bond is common in the BPO industry especially in call center company because most agents normally undergo training before they are assigned to the actual job. This serves to protect employer from agents who just leave the company after receiving the training, which has already incurred expenses for the company. This occurs when a company notices that a large number of employees leave after training at the loss. This means that if an employee decides to quit before this amount of time elapses, he may end up having to pay damages to the company. The consequences of violating the bond must be clearly stated in the agreement.

Since a training bond is a legal document, a properly drafted training bond is enforceable and a breach of said contract would ideally lead to a legal case especially if the consideration or the exchange of something of value namely the training has been completed. In most cases however, training bonds in the call center industry is only meant to scare agents from leaving. Since employee turnover in the industry is high, enforcing the training bond may not be practical for a company. Companies would rather spend their money finding a replacement than pay for litigation charges. What call center companies normally do to regain the losses is to with hold the salary of an employee who breached the contract and black list them, which could be damaging for the employee. Thus, while litigation for a breach of a training bond may be seldom, it is still not advisable for agents to avoid breaching contracts.

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