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Training Call Center Agents

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Training is an indispensable process in the recruitment and employee welfare development of a call center company to ensure that agents meet the minimum standards set by the company in providing service. The training of call center agents is comprised of different subjects and courses, each of which are equally critical to be learned for employees and agents to effectively deliver the quality customer service required by the company.

Call center Basics. The call center basic training program is usually an introduction to the business process outsourcing industry particularly the contact center industry, the work environment and other general overview of the call center business. This may include the company orientation wherein newly hired employees or agents are introduced about company policies, rules and regulations. It explains the functions of an agent, a briefing on the actual operation of the company system in their workstation, administrative processes that one should know like schedules in going to work, dress codes, and any other matters that employees must routinely do.

English communication Skills. Since the services of a call center company is primarily facilitated through verbal communication in English, agents must be confident and able to orally express themselves effectively and spontaneously in English. This includes learning English grammar and practicing to speak fluently in English. Communication skills training also includes accent training (American accent i.e. southern or northern accent, British Accent, Australian accent) which would depend on the client that the agents will be assigned to serve. Agents are also taught idiomatic expressions, slangs and culture of the market that they will serve which is critical for facilitating understanding.

Customer Service Skills. Customer service skills training teach agents particular skills in interacting with customers such as how to handle irate customers, how to facilitate conflict resolution, how to properly address inquiries, etc. For outbound agents, customer service skills include how to be persuasive (sales skills), how to effectively conduct cold calling and how to close a deal among others. For tech support representatives, customer service skills may include how to diagnose technical problems, etc.

Technical Skills. This pertains to skills relating to the use of technology. At the very least, it pertains to how to operate the information system used by the company in its operations. It also may include simple troubleshooting techniques of the computer workstation. For customer service representatives, this pertains to teaching about the products or services that the company provides support service to. For tech support agents, technical skills would include learning how to trouble shoot and operate the technical devices that they provide support to.

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