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Trivia on Call Center Agents

Posted on March 10, 2016 | No Comments on Trivia on Call Center Agents

Call center agents receive bashings and negative comments in the social media these days – may it be due to the simple fact that these bashers do not really know what it takes to be a call center agent or they just don’t understand how it is to be a call center agent, their reasons for badmouthing these hardworking people are clearly improper. Most of these bashers are under the impression that call center agents simply takes calls the entire day and talk to the customer and yet they are being paid big time. But really, what’s going on inside the operations floor might not be for the faint-hearted like them.

Exceptional communication skills in English. A few people have this skill, really, and even call center agents still undergo trainings for grammar and punctuation and American voice and accent. It doesn’t just end that, though, because they also have to make sure they are updated in the current events of the world, in order to be able to talk to the customer properly, especially during rapport.

They receive calls from customers who call them names. Every day, each one of them would have that one customer who is so irate and frustrated who would call them dumb, among other things that can insult and hurt their pride and feelings. It maybe nothing personal, but imagine you are being called (insert foulest word you could think of here) by someone who doesn’t know you, you won’t be able to stand it.

They need to be at work, rain or shine, holiday or not. Who among you can go to work if it’s raining so hard in the middle of the night? Who among you wants to be at work on a Christmas dinner? Clearly, only call center agents could do that. It’s not that they really have no choice for that matter. It’s just that they value their jobs and always choose to be efficient. That is how the way they are trained, in order to give excellent customer service.

Trainings, changes and diversity. Call center agents have to undergo training as often as possible, immediately unlearn the things they’ve been taught and have put into practice for a long time and have it changed. They have to be able to easily adapt to these changes, and only call center agents could do it without that kind of difficulty.

Can you do all of these things mentioned above? These are just some of the challenges a call center agent faces each day. you’d never know everything really, until you become one of them.

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