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The seal the produces real results to enable companies to safely collect and use customer data to power their business, TrustE is a global Data Privacy Management company that powers trust in the Data across web, mobile, cloud and advertising channels by protecting the privacy of companies and their customers and thereby building the trust of customers and users.

Just like the real world, the virtual world is equally inundated by scrupulous individuals who are preying on unsuspecting victims; TrustE helps companies address that security problem by innovative technology solutions like website monitoring, advertising compliance controls, privacy assessments and certifications to improve transparency, choice and accountability.

At the heart of every business transaction is trust, especially in the virtual world which is deprived by person to person communication and where strangers from across the world transact. TrustE had long ensured trustworthy companies and had been the primary choice for facilitating and establishing that trust by the largest companies in the world Apple, Disney, eBay, Forbes, LinkedIn and Oracle among others.

TrustE provides online certification programs for Children’s Privacy (COPPA Safe Harbor), Cloud/SaaS – 3rd Party Data Collection, Software Downloads, Email, European Privacy (EU Safe Harbor), Mobile applications and websites. Its website solutions included TRUSTed Websites, EU Safe Harbor, Children’s Privacy, TRUSTed Downloads, Website Monitoring Service and APEC Privacy. For Mobile Solutions, it offers TRUSTed Mobile Ads, TRUSTed Mobile Apps, Mobile App Privacy Policy and TRUSTed Smart Grid and Cloud and SaaS Solutions for TRUSTed Cloud. For Advertising, it offers TRUSTed Ads and Data. For EU Privacy Solutions, it provides Binding Corporate Rules, EU Cookie Audit, TRUSTed Consent Manager, TRUSTed Ads – EDAA Compliance Package, and Dispute Resolution.

TrustE Philippines is headquartered in 835 Market Street Suite 800, Box 137 San Francisco, CA, USA 94103-1905 (415) 520-3490 Fax: (415) 520-3420.

TrustE Philippines call center office address:

  • TrustE Cebu
    9/F 903 Insular Building
    Cebu Business Park ,Cebu City

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