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TSR or CSR Job?

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Customer service broadly refers to the provision of service to customers or clients in the whole duration of a purchase from before, during and after a purchase was made for achieve customer satisfaction. The person who provides this service is generally referred to as a customer service representative (CSR). A technical support service (TSR) on the other hand is an agent of representative that provides services relating to technical/ technological matters, which is part of the customer service. A technical support representative is thus a customer service representative also except that it handles technical service support. All TSRs are CSRs but not all CSRs are TSRs.

In the call center industry however, CSR and TSR are clearly separated to mean different representatives or agents providing different customer services. The CSR is an agent which provides support services that are not technical in nature such as product/ service inquiries, billing inquiries, promotional inquiries, marketing/ selling, among many others.

Thus, outbound agents primarily engaged in telemarketing or sales lead generation are clearly CSR. The TSR on the other hand is an agent involved in providing services that are technical in nature such as trouble shooting of a product, software or service (i.e. connection), inquiries involving technical operation of a product, etc. TSRs are CSR’s that usually handle technical accounts such as Internet (ISP) service (i.e. troubleshooting network connections), operations of an electronic gadget (e.g. how to use digital camera, cell phone), or IT items (e.g. software applications), and other technical support. Depending on the technology of the product on which tech support is given, the job of the tech support apparently varies.

For instance, a tech support representative for a software would obviously provide support for customers on how to operate, use a software including creating files editing files, etc. However, a tech support representative engaged in giving assistance for Internet connection would handle how to connect internet cables properly to the modem, routers and computers. Both however may be engaged in handling compatibility issues between the software to a certain operating system and between the operating system use and the procedural steps for troubleshooting, respectively.

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