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Tyche Consulting

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Always moving Forward. Tyche Consulting is a UK-based innovative software delivery consultancy firm that provides services to some of the world’s boldest gaming and digital entertainment brands. To focus on quality, it hires the right people with the right mindset that allows it to be adaptive and to establish lean development consultancy. Delivering value the quickest way possible, it has been instrumental to the success of many organization who are kept extremely satisfied. Moreover, Tyche Philippines continually pushes for tools that are powerful, and provide the best-fit. It builds software that focuses on high-cohesion and seamlessly integrates with other systems. It also motivates staff to continue striving for the highest standards.

In the Philippines, Tyche Consulting is branded as Tyche Consulting Ltd, ROHQ. It current represents its own people. It was originally created to look after its employees and recruit regionally and those core values remain fundamental. But as the brand has grown in Asia so has Tyche. Integral to the mission and vision of the company is it corporate social responsibility. In line with this, Tyche Consulting Philippines has not just donated but also undertaken a number of charitable campaigns with Department of Education, Philippine Red Cross and Haribon Foundation. Tyche Asia does not offer commercial services to Philippine customers but caters multinational organizations and markets abroad.

It should come as no surprise Tyche Consulting constantly analyse its strategies and measure its results. This is critical to ensure that the company is always on top of things and to make sure whatever the company is working on actually works. As such, it does everything in-house, from technical architectural to software development. Other important services of the company included Business Management, IT Operations, Product Development, Software Development and Quality Assurance.

Tyche Consulting Philippines office location:

  • Tyche Makati
    RCBC Plaza Tower 2
    Ayala Avenue, Makati City
    Metro Manila, Philippines

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