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Typing Test for Call Center

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Typing Test is among the Call Center skills test that is integral in ensuring that agents can provide high-quality work. Since typing is a standard skill in the age of information technology, call center companies using typing test in order to narrow down the selection for screening a potential employees. Typing is a skill that requires little education but a lot of practice.

Typing Test for Call Center is one of the routine applicant testing in order to guarantee the applicant can pass the testing requirements and has the skills to perform the tasks required. The typing test is usually integrated with grammar and spelling, as well as basic computer aptitude which are skills that are critical to become a call center agent. A slow typist need to inevitably ask a caller to repeat oneself or more than once, which can be irritating to a client or customer.

Typing Test for Call Center would often consist of typing a voice prompt which simulates a customer. This often involve encoding address, name, order or any other important data in a system. Speed and accuracy is important because any mistake in typing information can lead to an erroneous service. The typing skills for agents working in logistics company is a little bit more challenging because it often involves typing codes in different numbers and letters. A wrong entry of code would lead to a wrong delivery of products.

There are many free online typing test available in the internet. In finding a practice test, look for typing coded data like 10 key data e.g. 9xrty78tyx instead of typing actual words e.g. “beautiful”. Agents often type codes rather than actual words with meanings.

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