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Ubiquitous Technologies Philippines

Ubiquitous Technologies Philippines is a company that is recognized primarily with its engagement in the engineering and business and research center of software development. The company is already recognized by PEZA (Philippine Economic Zone Authority). It was founded in January 2006 with a paid-in capital of 14 million yen. UTPI is a known member of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Philippines, Inc. Furthermore, Ubiquitous Technologies also takes part in the Philippines Software Industry Association, Manila, Inc., and also a supporter of the University of the Philippines Information and Technology Training Center (UPITTC).


Smart Phone Solutions
Smart WeMo is created to program mobile apps to make web-based application utilizing Programming Languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
– Native API library is readied for every operating system and framework
– This can also access to other devices like camera, GPS and accelerometer
– APIs for Facebook and Twitter is also available

Embedded Software
AcrossVT – this is an embedded application enhancement environment which is known to be top-quality in portability and rapidity. Users are enabled to have individual enhancement environment on their computers, and Microsoft VC++2005 was used which is universal for debuggers. High speed and cost-effective simulation, this product executes development style that will not be limited to hardware capabilities.

Project Management Tool
CIQUEN – Utilizing Linux server and Web application, users are enabled to install required plugins for a project at a sensible price. Also with CIQUEN, issues and defects can be found at an early stage, by means of giving project information, project progress status and the state of quality to the administrator or designer, which results to the success of the project.

CIQUEN backs the following fundamentals when it comes to software development:
– Configuration Management
– Progress Management
– Quality Management
– Change Management
– Review Management
– Risk/Task Management

Ubiquitous Tech. Phils., Inc. is an international company that continuous to grow, and offers solutions through embedded software development for mobile and multimedia systems. The company establishes next advanced and innovative embedded environments utilizing the most up-to-date technologies. The company is dedicated to address all of its clients’ needs and demands, as well as its people’s development. The company’s head office is situated in Yokohoma, Japan, and working with Ubiquitous Tech. Phils., Inc. will give any interested individual the opportunity to travel for business trips and training.

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