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UConnects Philippines

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UConnects Philippines is a fast growing contact center company from North America that specializes in outbound call center serves, telemarketing and telesales. The company especially caters international companies from the US and Canada. As its name suggests, UConnects Philippines connects the right products to its right market or customers. Selling is not about forcing people to buy, it is about matching the right products with the right people who need them.

As an outbound call center company, UConnects call center is primarily engaged in marketing and selling to help companies expand and penetrate new markets to increase their revenues. UConnects agents undergo a rigid training exercise and program before embarking into the art of selling. Not only are agents given the opportunity to improve their communication and customer service skills, they are also well trained to improve their marketing skills particularly cold calling, upselling and cross selling. The company also provides POS services particularly payment processing including credit and debit card processing. UConnects Philippines maintains up to date electronic contact database, which is a primary source for lead generation. In support of its marketing services, the company also carry out market research in order for companies to correctly identify their market and target them effectively.

UConnects call center offer one of the most competitive salaries to its agents. Apart from their regular salaries and other customary benefits, telemarketing agents are provided with generous bonuses and other awards for hardworking agents. It is also non discriminatory and accepts applicants who are newly graduates or even high school graduates. It believes that the knack for selling is a skill which is inherent and not ensured by a college degree. Anyway, all employees are required to undergo its strict training to properly equip them with unmatched skills for selling.

UConnects Philippines call center office address:

  • UConnects Ortigas
    6th Floor Octagon Bldg.
    San Miguel Ave. Ortigas Ctr.
    Pasig City, Philippines

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