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Unique Interaction

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Unique Interaction, a call center in Ortigas was established 2006. Being a small company and having a low overhead gives Unique Interaction the ability to be one of the most competitive and flexible Call Centers in Ortigas. Unique Interaction‘s pledge to quality service is strengthened by following all the rules of ISO, a rigorous hiring and training program, and complimented by state of the art technology for seamless integration of your standard procedures and our implementation process. Unique Interaction strongly adheres to an error free philosophy by eliminating the guesswork and doing things right the first time, all the time.

There are a lot of Call Centers in Ortigas, most of which are large US corporations using the top of the line technology. Unique Interaction was able to put a research and development team together which has opened up the world of open source and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last year. This has made us very competitive in this market because we use all the same equipment as all the large call center in Ortigas but with out their name.

Unique Interaction was founded by Chief Operating Officer Beau Rudd and chief operations officer Rommel Sarmiento in January of 2006. The business was already existing for more than six years now and still counting. Because of its unique services the company manages to emerge into a bigger and better company and planning to expand their business into another location in the near future. Unique Interaction Philippines started only with less than 10 employees and later increases their headcount as the year’s passes. The credit was not just for the founder of the company, it is also by the help of the dedicated and passionate employees of the business that the growth of the business must be address. The company employs very highly qualified representatives in building the mission and vision of the company. Today the Unique Interaction plays a vital role in the BPO industry in helping different business around the globe.

Among the services they offer includes the best customer service agents for the inbound account, the agents that are well versed in the art of customer service, another is the state of the art technology like phone system and other best services the company offers to their clients. Customer of the Unique Interaction are well taken care of just to be sure that they receive what the promise of the company has offer to them, to be sure that they are cared in order for them to continuously patronized their products and services. Another thing is that giving highest value for the customer relations management by means of practicing a high performance platform that makes the clients happy is the main reason why they strive hard in reaching the interest of the customers.

The place of Unique Interaction Philippines is very much accessible to any kind of transportation either a service vehicle or a private one. Going to this place is as easy as finding the landmark of a certain place.

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