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Unisys Philippines

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Unisys is a global information technology company that solves complex IT challenges to secure and keep mission critical operations running at peak performance; streamline and transform data centers; enhance support to end users and constituents; and modernize enterprise applications. And it does so under the values of Integrity, Respect, accountability and Responsibility. Unisys Philippines has a rich history and can trace its roots wayback in 1873 with the introduction of the first commercially viable typewriter by E. Remington & Sons. However, Unisys per se was born in 1986 with the merger of Sperry, the company responsible for introducing the first multiprocessor computer and Burroughs, the company responsible for first dual-processor and virtual memory computer.

Among the current services of Unisys included Application Services such as Amanda solutions, implementation services (Application Testing, development, modernization and platform), Advisory Services (Intelligent Application Alignment and Advisory Services), Mobile Application and Application Managed Services. The company also offers Cloud Solutions such as CloudBuild, Cloud Advisory, Choreographer (Cloud Management Platform), Data Center Planning Design and Implementation, and Hybrid Cloud. For high-End Servers, it offers Storage Assessment Services (Storage Resource Analysis, assessment and backup), Forward for software, hardware, and network integration, SAP Modernization, UNIX to Linux Migration and Data Center Consolidation. It also offers Storage Products, Enterprise Servers, Technical Support Services, and ClearPath Systems.

Unisys has also developed specialized industry solutions. For finance for instance, it offers Core Banking, Retail Delivery, Fraud and Risk Management and Enterprise Payments, among others. For the Public Sector, Unisys Philippines offers Enterprise Content Management for Public Sector, weather, health and human services as well as public safety and justice. For telcos, it offers Messaging and Value Added Services.

For Transportation, it offers Logistics, Airport Operations, among others. For Managed Services and Outsourcing, it provides Application Managed Service, Windows Migration, Service Desk, Global Field Services, Workspace services, Infrastructure Services, End User Services. The company offers integrated mobile solutions such as Mobile Device Management, Mobile Application and Lifecycle Management, End User Support, Monitoring and Enablement as well as Content Management. For security Solutions, it has Stealth for Mobile, network security and web services. Finally, Unisys Philippines offers Edge Service, Enterprise Systems, ITSM Workshop, VantagePoint, Ensemble Unified Communications and Enterprise Social Business Transformation.

Unisys Philippines Limited is located at Mandaluyong City (National Capital Reg) Metro Manila Philippines.

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