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Universal Tech Philippines

Universal Tech Inc. is a BPO company that specializes in Talent Resourcing, executive search and human resource recruitment. In recognition of the importance of talent in the front line of the customer service industry, Universal Tech Philippines has created that a diverse set of screening procedures and training programs to ensure that companies are able to obtain the perfect match of talents they need in the delivery of their services. In particular, the company specializes in the recruitment and training of telemarketers and sales agents which among others are trained to generate sales leads, set appointments, conduct market research and market surveys. While Universal Tech Philippines recognizes the importance of business models and practices that most BPO companies try to distinguish themselves, it actually boils down to individual talent especially in marketing because this involves establishing rapport and building relationships with customers. Universal Tech’s training program is designed to impart the necessary skills and values that professionals need to possess to inherently become effective sales and marketing agents.

Apart from marketing, UniversalTech Philippines also provides human resources in First level help desk, Database or mailing list information, Business development and Point-of-sale product promotion. In which case, agents require more than just customer oriented skills and values but business expertise and acumen. Universal Tech conducts educational training programs designed for these particular requirements to ensure that your human resources already possess the business acuity and analytical expertise in performing such services prior their actual employment.

At the moment, UniversalTech prides itself as the biggest talent resource in the world with over 7 million members. Its philosophy is ingrained in the investment on human resources by imparting to them professional, personal tools and the right values to be effective frontliners in the industry. Universal Tech Philippines provides utmost care to this end because it acknowledges the critical importance of frontliners because they create the first impression to customers and are reflective of the company values and quality.

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  1. Blake Fuentes Reply

    i have a Question..what the “Talent Advisor” exactly doing. is she/he like a call center agent?

    Thank you! 🙂

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