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Universal Tech Inc.

Posted on May 10, 2017 | No Comments on Universal Tech Inc.

Universal Tech Inc. is an American company known as an across-the-board contact center with resources both in the United States and in the Philippines. The company offers a wide range of customer care services to its clients.

The team of exceptionally talented professionals that are in charge in the operations of Universal Tech possesses a profound experience when it comes to customer service, marketing, sales, and innovative technology. These professionals also has the capability to deliver any requirement that the clients delegated to them in a professional and timely manner.

Some of the services that Universal Tech Inc. includes the following:
– Online Marketing
– Sales
– Customer Service (to different clients across the globe)
– Web Development
– Search Engine Optimization

Why Work At Universal Tech Inc.
The company lives by its principles that are deeply rooted in its goal of bringing about excellent services to its clients and business partners. As it sees the welfare of its clients, Universal Tech Inc. also looks after its employees by means prioritizes to invest in its human resources. It never cease to provide its employees with professional and personal tools that will help them grow and will become important for them in the future. Furthermore, the company also provides handsome salary package, as well as impressive compensation and benefits packages.

Job Opportunities
Universal Tech Inc. is currently looking for professionals who can fill the following job postings:
– Sales Agents
– Team Lead/Trainers
– Customer Service
– Programmers
– PHP/MYSQL/Angular JS
– App Developers
Working at Universal Tech Inc. will give you a fresh start with the guarantee of a brighter career path ahead of you. Enjoy employee perks and incentives, as well as personal and professional growth as you become part of the company.

Universal Tech Philippines call center office address:

  • Universal Tech Cebu
    3/F Crown 7 Business Center
    Juan Luna Ave., Mabolo
    Cebu City, Philippines

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