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Upsell Spiels in Call Center

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Upselling is a sales process or strategy in which a seller introduces and persuades the client to purchase more expensive products or items by initiating add-ons or upgrades with the end objective of generating a more gainful sale. Upselling often involves promoting more cost-effective or beneficial products or services to the customer or merely providing customers other options or alternatives that can better address the needs or wants of the customer except only with a higher price.

Perhaps, the most common incident when people experience upselling is when buying in a fast food restaurant in which the cashier offers us “go large” or “go big-time” of soft drinks or French fries for an additional few pesos. In the same manner, telemarketers are also engaged in upselling when they offer an upgrade to the same product or item that the customer wants for some additional buck. This technique draws from the idea of capitalizing revenue from an existing customer as studies show that it is easier to get additional sales from an extant client than get new clients. Thus, sellers are encouraged to take advantage and get the most out of client through upselling.

Upsell spiels are used to introduce an upgrade to a customer on line. This can be in the form of an open question (e.g. “Would you like to hear about new promotion?”, or “do you know about our new special?”) or a statement (e.g. Incidentally, we have a new special for an addition of just $5 to your monthly subscription) What is important in both approaches is that spiel allows the agent to take charge of the call. This can be better facilitated commanding words like must, need or have to, to sound convincing and urgent (e.g. you have to avail of this new promo now because it is only until today).

In explaining the upgrades of the upselling item, agent should focus on the benefits not on features. These benefits most especially the savings one can get from availing the upgrade (e.g. you get to save $150 in buying this because it normally costs $200). Upselling requires certain convincing skills that only people who maintain a highly positive and energetic attitude can provide. It is also therefore important to carefully select the type of agents who can successfully conduct and relay and upselling spiel effectively so that clients can be encouraged to buy more.

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