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Electronic Payroll Services. USPayserv is an electronic distribution system for pay advice information. It permits organization and companies to eradicate the expense of printing and distributing pay stubs to employees. In line with the trend towards mandated electronic pay and a paperless administration, it eliminates that last piece of paper in the payroll process. The USPayserv system uses various mechanisms to permit employees access to their pay information. Among the different ways retrieval included web-based pay stub, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) access to pay information, Fax back service, Text messaging of pay information and E-mail distribution. The company delivers all these service with strict adherence to regulatory compliance and security. It makes sure that all data is protected and delivered in a method that is compliant with State laws in order to provide fast secure, accurate and real time distribution of pay advice information 24 hours a day.

USPayserv is a division of the USVerify, a human resource outsourcing firm that provides fast, accurate on-line Business Process Outsourcing services to a wide array of employers and governmental organizations including custom suite payroll, HR, and verification services geared towards streamlining the hiring process while eliminating paper, time, and cost associated with older manual processes. Its automated services can easily be incorporated to existing HR applications to further streamline the hiring process. Moreover, it provides employers with the ability to verify an employee’s identity and assure the company is compliant with local, state, and federal government regulations.

USpayserv is located at the 5521 Murray Avenue Memphis, TN 38119 USA with telephone 866.643.7464 (toll free)/ 901.756.2705 and 901.758.1597 (fax).

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