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Vanguard Screening Solutions

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Vanguard Screening Solutions is the fastest growing background verification and employment screening providers in the Asia Pacific region that focuses on client satisfaction, a wide scope of service offerings, and cost-effectiveness. What sets Vanguard Philippines apart from its rivals is it focus, experience and expertise in its line of service, flexibility to understand each client’s different needs, priority to maintain the security and integrity of clients’ data and accessibility of its Management team to ensure that each client gets the high-level attention it deserves.

Among the services offered by Vanguard Screening Solutions included employment screening such as Employment Details and Performance Feedback, Education and Professional Qualifications, Philippine Public Records Search, Local and International Media, Reverse Directorship, Address Verification, Global Databases Search, Character Reference and Identity. Vanguard Screening Philippines also screens individuals and organizations with a combination of checks such as Philippine Public Records Search, Business Registration and Permits, Educational and Employment History (of principals/owners and key personnel), and Identification of any group affiliations/associations to identify including potential involvement in illegal activities, political, business or familial connections that may result in conflict of interest and linkages to organized crime groups. Vanguard Philippines also conducts covert and fraud investigation such as Financial Fraud, Employee and Labor Issues, Lifestyle Check, Personal and Business Reputation, Tax Inquiries / Settlements, Familial and Business Disputes, Trade Secret Fraud / Espionage, Intellectual Property and Insurance/Pension Claims.

Vanguard Screening Solutions is headquartered in 800 El Camino Real Suite 180, Mountain View, CA 94040 USA.

Vanguard Screening Philippines call center office location:

  • Vanguard Ortigas
    10/F The Belvedere Tower
    15 San Miguel Ave.
    Ortigas Center, Pasig City

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