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Vegalink Philippines

Posted on February 23, 2021 | 1 Comment on Vegalink Philippines

Vegalink inc. is a Philippine based business process outsourcing firm that specializes in human resource sourcing and executive recruitment that was designed to address the growing demand for global quality Filipino professionals to man the growing BPO industry. As the fastest growing recruitment agency, Vegalink Philippines is presently and immediately creating an international workforce that is not only diligent and intellectual, but excellently skilled, knowledgeable, and enthused. In particular, the company specializes in providing manpower requirements for sales, customer care, technical support, and other complicated process outsourcing services.

Vegalink aims in helping companies not only obtain the best talents that are available to provide their services but help them correctly invest on their human resources assets that will be the key to the success of their organization. Vegalink Philippines provides its services to small, medium and blue-chip sized enterprises all across the globe. Among the services offered by Vegalink Philippines are Head Hunting and Candidate Selection, Interview and Placement. This involves services such as phone screening, Initial Interview which focus on speaking skills, attitude and confidence, EQ and IQ tests and the final interview to assess candidate qualifications for specific skills such as customer service, technical, or sales skills. But as an expert in recruitment service, it specializes in matching individual talents to organizational needs to achieve a win-win balance for both employees and employers.

To get the best, one must give the best. Vegalink Philippines offers the competitive remuneration packages in the industry to attack the best and brightest talents in its pool of candidates. Its competitive compensation packages would include generous cash allowances, bonuses, comprehensive Health Care Coverage and Life Insurance, Career Advancement Opportunities, Fun employee events and Activities, Night Differential and other Incentives.

Vegalink Philippines call center office location:

  • Vegalink Makati
    3/F Guadalupe Commercial Complex
    #9 EDSA Guadalupe
    Makati City Philippines

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  1. lance Reply

    Does vegalink as a recruitment agency hire individuals as contractors? No successful employee will attain a regular position, is that correct?

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