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Velocity Solutions

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Velocity Solutions is a company that is recognized to be the number one when it comes to the provision of revenue enhancement solutions to banks and credit unions both regional and in the community. Established in 1995, the company operates transactional accounts of almost 15 million, providing the company a supreme insight and expertise as regards to transactional trends and activities on consumer deposit accounts. Velocity Solutions’ advanced technology guarantees flawless execution and data security of the exceptional level.

Checking Strategies
Velocity Solutions acknowledges that one of the biggest challenges in the financial industry is the acquisition of profitable accounts. Top-performing financial organizations believes that what matters is not just the number of accounts opened, but also the number of accounts that regularly transacts, stay longer and produce new customers. Velocity Solutions has all the right solution for this, regardless of the institution’s goals, whether retention or profitability.

– Account Revenue Solution
– Invitation Checking System
– My Interest Checking
– Relationship Rebate Solution

Intelligent Overdraft Systems
Intelligent Overdraft Systems are the solutions which would enable the clients in the financial industry to administer and communicate with both new and existing account holders on a continuous basis to make the most out of their service and maximize revenue.

– The Intelligent Limit System
– The Opt-In Solution
– Reg. E Outreach Solution

Account Holder Rewards
Velocity Solutions can aid financial organizations to influence Account Holder Rewards to buildup cross-selling at the new accounts desk, make the most out of account holder retention and present new stream of revenues.
– My Rewards Premium Cards
– My Rewards
– Intelligent Merchant Solution

Commercial Loan Pricing
Commercial Loan Pricing is a set of automated tools and technology that guarantees that the commercial loans of the organizations are valued correctly, appropriately and profitably in the competitive market these days.
– Pricing Partner

Health and Wellness
Velocity Solutions also offers wellness solution so that the staff and personnel of the organizations can enjoy health care benefits and boost its profitability. This solution is founded by the company as a means for insurance companies and other institutions to decrease their healthcare costs by encouraging their members to live healthier lifestyles.

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