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Veridata Networks

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Veridata Networks is a company that is founded through the combined skills and ideas of its two partners which are recognized as the most reputable IT companies in the Philippines – NextIX and Datalogic. NextIX is a company which focuses on the provision of the generally accessible information and communication technology for the consumers, as well as for the small and medium enterprises.

NextIX continuously targets to drive technology to the advanced level by means of tough, scalable and agile system, making applications which are cost efficient and feature rich. Meanwhile, Datalogic is focused in the development of both software and hardware products. The company is dedicated to offer provisions for the best possible solution that will effectively address the never-ending needs in computerization to keep up with the business technology environment these days. Datalogic System Corporation commits itself to offer efficient and cost-effective crucial solution for this.

Veridata Networks’ electronic network enables user to make the most of the benefits in processing speed in transactions and data capacity.

Veridata Networks offers innovative solutions to its clients and consumers. For example,. In a health care facility, there is a big difference when the organization chooses to utilize the solutions offered by Veridata as compared to having its old system.

The Old System has:
• Limited Function – there is only one function available which in this case, is Verification
• Wired – the wired system takes time to install, as well as costly
• Dial-UP Connection – slow connection, therefore, the processing of data takes time
• No Data Privacy – there are some sensitive HMO data that can be passed through other channels
• Dependent – needs installation and reprogramming of other applications in order to add moire tables for the database

With Veridata Networks, however, there is a significant advancement.
• Multi-Function – with the solutions provided by Veridata networks, there are various functions available, including consultation, diagnostics, in-patient and emergency
• Mobile – instead of wired communication, this is much easier to install, not to mention more cost-effective
• GPRS Connection – there’s faster connection, therefore, the processing of data also takes no time
• More Secure – data HMO data does not have to be sent to another channel, it goes directly to the HMO server
• Flexible – the solution further offers dynamic tables to minimize application dependency.
Other benefits:
• Eligibility and approval – both the doctor and the member can sign the output POS Receipt
• Zero latency – there is no required replication of data.

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