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Versant Test Tips

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The Versant English Test is a language examinations test primarily designed for call center and BPO organizations to help companies reduce interview cost and enhance screening and training placement. Originally known as Spoken English Tests (SET), the Versant test is an English proficiency test that gauges the speaking and listening skills of people. The test was created by Ordinate Corporation which was acquired by Pearson’s Knowledge Technologies group in 2008. The test per se was originally developed in 1996 by two Stanford University professors.

While not all call center companies utilize the test, passing the test nevertheless is a sure tell tale sign that one will be able to pass most other test in call center companies. To pass the test, the first thing to do is to relax. In order to be relaxed during the test, one apparently needs to prepare and practice which can be done in practical ways like watching and listening English movies or programs in television.

The idea here is for one to effectively listen and understand spoken English by natural English speaking people. Hence, the best way to prepare is to practice to listen and perhaps learn how to rephrase what you have heard in your own words. One is usually given less than a minute to rephrase what was heard hence it is also important for one to develop summarization skills by focusing on what are the most important information or data that was heard.

The versant test is also a test for speaking skills. Hence, one should practice speaking English. This can be done by reading English articles, write ups or text aloud taking note of the pauses , correct intonation and correct pronunciation. It would also be helpful if one can avoid saying “ahh” when talking, which is common among Filipinos instead of pausing.

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