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Virtual Assistants International

Virtual Assistants International is a BPO enterprise that serves different companies the brightest, knowledgeable, brilliant, hard-working and experienced perfect English speaking VA’s to modify every business establishments. They are trying to elevate their client’s positions on the business world. In order for companies to reach the highest peak in the business era, Virtual Assistants International can be the best ally in their business improvement.

To provide a quality and better services to different businesses, Virtual Assistants Philippines is the key to success in achieving this goal. The company is very lenient in giving tips on how to improve an outsourcing VA work and run a business like call center.

There are different tips on how to achieve these, first, is the Language Skill, the company hires potential applicants who are fluent in speaking and writing the foreign language correctly, and he/she must have to express him/herself in talking in English, committing an errors in understanding or expressing the oral and written thoughts are few when using staff who are not 99% proficient in speaking in English. Second, is the Integrity, honesty is the best policy as the saying goes, hiring someone who is reliable is an added points for the applicant to consider by the company.

Third is the personality, character of a person like strengths, sense of humor, non-emotional feelings, accepting the negative feedbacks in order for them to improve is also a positive attitude and an additional points for the soon to be employee of the Virtual Assistants International. Fourth is the Intellect, being intelligent in this kind of business sometimes helps, being intelligent in everything is also an added points, can freely express in a conversation anything under the sun is always a good sign. Last is having an experience, all related to this different kind of past jobs is a must for the applicant to fit in the business of call center, jobs like trainers, English teachers, executive assistance, client liaison among others are the best possible applicants to hire, these and more tips on how to become a good Virtual Assistants International employee in the company are the best advantage for a potential agent.

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  1. 15/05/17

    I would like to ask if you are still hiring as I would like to apply. I am a resident of Marikina and would be very convenient for me working here as well. Is it ok if I send in my resume before I proceed to your office? Looking forward for your response. Thank you

  2. Karen Reply

    I just want to check if you are still hiring? I am a resident of Marikina and will highly appreciate your response before i visit your office. Thanks!

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