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What is a Virtual Call Center?

A call center is any unit or individual where the receipt or transmission of customer requests by telephone is processed and facilitated. With the advances of modern technology which allowed for remote communications in practically anywhere in the world where there is internet connection, a new model of call center was made possible, the virtual call center, in which the call centre operates and provides call services using a call centre telephony equipment by a third party.

The operator does not own or manage the equipment required to run the call center but instead connects to the equipment of another company (vendor) often through voice over IP and performs calls to and from customers through the vendor’s data centre. In this way, the call center agents can be geographically dispersed instead of being situated at a single work place operated by the organization. Thus, most agents working in a virtual call center are telecommuters who work at the comforts of their homes.

Apart from the advantages of telecommuting such as working at home, maintain work life family balance, save oneself from traffic and allowing with mobility deficiencies to work, a virtual call center help companies to further drive down costs by outsourcing the IT infrastructure needed to run a call center. In this way, companies are able to save from the capital outlay of putting a call center office including IT infrastructure or hardware/ software investment, building space, and office equipment as well as the corresponding maintenance costs and time consuming administrative expense associated with these assets.

Another major advantage of a virtual call center is it maximizes emergency preparedness. Because agents are dispersed, a failure of one or two agent for any reason allows the company to continue to operate unlike when in a centralized call center office which affects all agents in case of a storm or a terrorist attack on said office. However, given the dispersed and virtual nature of the agents, this post a problem for management to monitor and have total control of the employers, which is the major disadvantage of a virtual call center.

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