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Virtual Solution Outsourcing Ventures

Virtual Solution Outsourcing Ventures is the local counterpart of Office Goblins, a BPO company founded in Chicago in January of 2010 that specializes in catering small and medium sized enterprises in the international marketplace. Thus, the company conducts market and sales in the US as Office Goblins but all its services are performed in the Virtual Solution Outsourcing Ventures in the Philippines.

Virtual Solution Outsourcing Ventures provides services in telemarketing, customer service, order processing, data entry, web design, virtual staffing and business consultancy, among many others. It provides a viable solution for small and medium size business to avail of outsourcing benefits because of the cost of hiring huge BPO companies as well as the costs and complex procedures of setting up outsourcing agreements overseas.

The company provides a simplistic billing system and a flexible organizational structure to which small business easily adapt to the requirements of small businesses by placing virtual workers from overseas with business rates starting at $6 per hour. Through this system, Office Goblins Philippines clients are allowed to get direct access to an offshore worker or employee who can perform the duties that its clients assign or require them to do. All workers perform duties and services from a designated office of the Virtual Solution Outsourcing Ventures to ensure that they are equipped with the necessary tools, equipment, and communication they need to perform their duties. And most importantly, they work for the clients full time and are immediately available if the client needs them.

Virtual Solution Outsourcing Ventures also assists in preparing a standard reporting format that will help clients to monitor their outsourced services. In telemarketing services for instance, a comprehensive report that details the different dispositions, total calls and conversion ratio is provided by the agents. The script and training materials for telemarketing pertains to the client else the company charges minimal additional fees for assisting in developing strategy, script, and training materials for a marketing campaign.

List validation is also an important service that the company provides. This pertains to cleaning up sales leads or potential customer database to ensure that calls are accurately made. Finally, the company also provide web services which included web design, development and marketing to help companies to effectively capture the essence of their business, get their message across and make their presence felt in the virtual world. While Virtual Solution Outsourcing ventures is primarily staffed with Filipino workers, it emphasizes the American working culture of hard work, loyalty, and dedication to ensure that duties are fulfilled up to the standards an American business would expect.

Virtual Solution Outsourcing ventures call center is located in:

  • Virtual Solution Outsourcing Ventures
    98 N. Torres cor. Lacson St.
    Obrero, Davao City

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