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Virtualify creates partnership to various clients. The goal of which,is to ensure that more work is done in a lesser period of time and an even lesser workload. Virtualify Philippines helps you get started with the things that matter to you and your company.

A Virtual Assistant will be provided for you to get your work done while you do other things. Imagine a secretary, who works to get the things prioritized and done. Imagine a secretary, Virtualified.

What tasks can a Virtual Assistant do?

1. Transcribe your notes into documents.
2. Enter data to the database.
3. Organize your calendar and schedule your appointments.
4. Organize your business and business contacts, files and records.
5. Organize and answer your emails.
6. Update your social media channels
7. Internet research and data mining.
8. Schedule and update website and blog post.

Once you and your Virtual assistant is set, delegate your work. Some people do not have the gift to properly do so. No worries, Virtualify will set up a Virtual coach that will allow you to prioritize and delegate your task to your Virtual Assistant.

Who are hired as Virtual Assistant?

Virtualify extensively screens college-educated candidates and enhance their amazing skills. They undergo Voot camp to train them to be the best Virtual Assistant to a specific client. Once new skill set is learned and positive skills are magnified, they are good to go as they work as your Virtual Assistant.

Virtual Assistant Requirements

1. College Graduate
2. Bachelor of arts/science or equivalent
3. Proficient in written and spoken English
4. Proficient in the use of office software applications.
5. Computer and Internet savvy.
Want to enjoy life or just simply reduce workload, Virtualify is a great way for you to do more in a specific amount of time in a more organized manner. Your Virtual Assistant will help you define your work and establish your excellence. Easy, Breezy service, Virtualify.

Virtualify is located in MacArthur Hwy, Pampanga, Philippines.

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