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Virtually Incredible

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Virtually Incredible began when a real estate broker and company owner started to share his system of selling to his real estate agents. According to Todd Breen, the real estate broker and company owner, he’s been using simple videos in his real estate business since 1994 and the technique brought him a significant amount of money. He has already pioneered in several unique methods and techniques using video tours in marketing his real estate business. He created an online course to train his agents, and as a result, his agents were able to make more money just by using a camcorder.

Products and Services

Virtually Incredible offers video training services, leasing line service and tenant screening service. In the video training services, the client will learn on how to film a video tour – including how to prepare and film a property. These might sound so easy, and one may think that filming is something that anyone could do even without proper training, with everyone already possessing a smartphone and the camcorder is always available. However, like Mr. Breen said, there is a system that he uses, so it isn’t just all about filming and capturing. There would be certain types of techniques to be taught.

Currently, Virtually Incredible offers a job for those who would like to work from home. If you have strong and reliable internet connection, excellent written English skills, keen on details and a bit of perfectionist, then you might qualidy for the video optimizer job that they currently hire for. The job might be different and far from the usual customer service support that call center agents have wide experience with, but the company promises online training for new hires so being new and quite unfamiliar with the task is totally fine. If you are interested, all you have to do is visit their site at www.virtuallyincredible.com and follow the instructions of their hiring process.

Work with Virtually Incredible

Work from home is quite trendy these days – it keeps you from the endless battle against heavy traffic, and it allows you to earn more while in the comfort of your home. Workng with Virtually Incredible has its perks apart from these two. With the job post they currently have, you are sure to enjoy these perks.

  • Php100 per hour paid via PayPal (and it’s TAX FREE!)
  • Day shift – the follow the Philippine office hours so there’s no need to worry about sleepless ights being in the graveyard shift.
  • Weekends off – a lot of BPO companies don’t guarantee this.
  • Philippine holiday observed – you don’t have to work on a holiday but you get paid. And if you feel so productive and decided to work instead, you’ll be paid double!
  • Birthday bonus, quarterly bonus, 13th month pay, staff party and retreats.

Virtually InCredible Philippines office location:

  • Virtually InCredible Antipolo
    222 Danville St.
    Vermont Park Mayamot
    Antipolo, Rizal

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