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Visaya Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Visaya Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) Corporation is a company that provides outsourcing solutions to small to medium-sized companies in order for them to achieve quality at the least cost. Contrary to its name, Visaya KPO isn’t exclusively hiring Visaya people nor is it located in the Visayas region. More over, while its name includes KPO, it provides business process outsourcing service solutions including inbound and outbound call center services as well as Back-Office Processing.

Among Visaya KPO’s inbound solutions include the provision of customer service support, technical support and customer relationships management, selling services, loan servicing, and help desk services, among others. The services are charged on a per hour basis which makes it more scalable, affordable and accessible for the small operations of SMEs. Outbound service solutions included telemarketing, lead generation, debt collection, accounts management, and loan consolidation, among others. VisayaKPO is comprised of highly trained and skilled agents to offer effective services for both B2B and B2C clients. The outbound services are charged either on a per hour basis or performance basis. Moreover, since campaigns are highly tailor fit to the requirements of the partner clients, the development of scripts will be provided by the clients. Visaya KPO only lends assistance for the script development but is primarily responsible for the effective delivery of the scripts. Moreover, clients will also provide the database of potential customers for their products or services. Finally, the company also offers Back-Office Processing services such as mortgage loan processing, billing and accounts receivable management, and appointment setting.

In Visaya KPO Philippines, its most strategic asset is its people who deliver the primary service of the company. Every agent undergoes intensive training to immerse to its values of integrity, dedication and excellence to ensure a service delivery that treats customers as their own. The company aims not merely on delivering its services but on creating value and measurable results in terms of more profit for its client partners.

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  1. Robert Visaya Reply

    Have you started having automotive industry clients? I worked from a call center in the early 2000 and currently working in automotive industry and interested to shift back to call center industry.

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