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VocaDB is known to be a platform of language education with a new searching pattern which enables users to search by sentences instead of a word which definitely gives a new experience to the users when it comes to language barrier. VocaDB’s business platform delivers services on giving word file, which is a result of human-translation, by means of web and applications with list of vocabularies. The company identifies this as “word extraction system”. This system is said to be supporting at least 34 different languages.

VocaDB’s business model is to demonstrate translation and a vocabulary list simultaneously when some parts of the context are selected and can be applied to reading eBooks or news. To be able to provide an educational environment, the searched language, which may include single vocabulary, phrases, idioms and other forms of a group of words, is automatically kept in the dictionary. In addition to this, the company also envisages the solution to be further innovated by running a system called “lexis extraction system” as an open API to augment distinct ideas from a number of developers. VocaDB can also apply the service to a variety of other fields including search in the dictionary, formation of book indexes, language education, scripts for movies, TV dramas, comments on websites and eBooks.

VocaDB is a company that has just been established. It operates its offices in Korea, India and Philippines. VocaDB is impassioned when it comes to the delivery of a platform of language education with a new searching pattern. If you are interested to be part of the company’s exceptionally talented team, then there are lots of opportunities coming your way.

The company only has one vision – and that is to succeed. Thus, the company treats its employee as well as they should, because it believes that the employees are the essential key in reaching its success. It provides opportunities for career growth through intensive trainings and workshops, so that the employees’ talents are honed and enhanced for them to be equipped of what is required in the next level of their career journey. This is of course, aside from the impressive salary package and compensation that the company provides its employees. The work environment is fun and enjoyable, with an air of mutual trust and respect, as well as work life balance.

VocaDB Philippines office address:

  • VocaDB Makati
    Cityland 10 Tower 1
    H.V. Dela Costa st.
    Makati City, Philippines

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