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Voyage Group Philippines

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Formerly known as Research Panel Asia (RPA), Voyage Group is a major online service company established in 2009 in Japan that operates one of the biggest online price comparison websites in Japan, the EC Navi and provides membership and media services as well as advertising technology services. Voyage Group Philippines is part of its Voyage’s global network of subsidiaries that provides premium survey panels for the Asian region offering proprietary coverage in Japan, China, and Korea. More specifically, Voyage Group Philippines specializes in providing consumer and consumer lifestyle studies and provides innovative online, 24/7 access to expansive, premium, online Asian panels.

The name of Voyage Group was derived from the idea of voyage in joining a company. Employees are enjoined in a ship and experience feelings of companionship to go to the same direction of the whole ship, sympathizing with soul and creed of the Voyage group. This also means that each member of the organization are called to work together towards achieving company goals and objectives in the same way as it serves its clients.

Voyage Group Philippines is primarily engaged in the development of media-related business advertising technology over the Internet, which is the new battleground where business is conducted. It provides cross-department support to business to create new business. Voyage Group Philippines helps clients conduct marketing and strategic promotion through user interface optimization and agile strategy for business promotion and development. It promotes business development in the two axes of the “Business Development activation” and organization activation.

Voyage Group is headquartered in Shibuya First Place Bldg.1F, 6F, 7F, 8F Shinsen-cho 8-16, Shibuya, Tokyo, 150-0045 with fax nos. 81-3-5459-4223.

Voyage Group Philippines call center office address:

  • Voyage Group Ortigas
    Robinsons Equitable Tower
    ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center
    Pasig City, Philippines

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