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VTO in Call Center

VTO or Voluntary Time Off is a call center jargon in which call center agents are allowed to take under time as a cost saving measure. Management allows a certain number of agents to take an under time because of low volume of calls. Agents who take under time only receive partial payment as wage for that day.

More specifically, the agents who take under time are only paid for the number of hours they rendered their service. Ideally, VTO is a voluntary basis in call centers. The management usually sets the number of agents who must stay and who must work. Some agents taking a voluntary time off means that they decided to take the under time of their own accord. In some cases, management handpicks which agents would stay to work and those who will take the undertime. Thus the word ‘voluntary’ to qualify the time off should be described as forced instead. This however is apparently not allowed by law hence the term voluntary is used. However, since agents asked to take a VTO would not have a choice but to agree to the order of the management, then it remains voluntary.

For management, VTO is a workforce management tool that serves as a cost saving measure. Implementing a VTO should be strategically determined by identifying exactly which times or days are there low volume of calls to prevent being understaffed. Moreover, managers must communicate the VTO slots to the agents who are interested Agents respond with their willingness to take VTO. Moreover, managers must process the sign-ups and update agent schedules.

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