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Wasla Outsourcing

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Wasla Outsourcing is a leading Egyptian contact center company that enables organizations to strengthen the value of their relationship with their customers by providing outsourced Contact Center Services to companies in Egypt, the region, and globally. Wasla Outsourcing was created in 2003 by Paradise Capital Holdings with a mission to effectively address the needs of divers industries serving local and international markets through talented human pool and technology expertise and to offer value added services to our clients to assist them in attracting customers (Tele-marketing), acquiring customers (Tele-sales) and maintaining customer’s satisfaction (Tele-Support).

Wasla Outsourcing primarily provides outbound telemarketing services. One of which is prospecting or the effective and efficient way of identify target, potential which included General Information, Product Information, Advertisement response, Campaign Management, Database Building, validation and profiling, Events Traffic generation, and Tele-Research. With these services, the company can help improve clients’ competitiveness and quality and enable them to drive growth and market share through increase customer satisfaction and retention. The company also offers Market Research which is a tool for developing business plans and setting the directions for survival and towards profits. These services allow companies widen their reach and horizons to included offshore markets. It can also improve ways to improve better penetration to markets. It also allows for better Cost Efficiency. It also allows companies to obtain accurate Market Picture of their market. Finally, the company also helps companies attain quality certificates from setting up the State-of-the-art technology infrastructure to acquiring the most qualified Customer Operations agents, BPO Officers and Supervisors to setting up clear processes and performance measurement tools.

In providing these services, Wasla Outsourcing maintains the Values for flexibility, reliability and adaptability to satisfy clients’ needs using flexible operational models, advanced technology and innovative infrastructure. Moreover, to achieve perfection, it conducts the continual & continuous improvement of its agents and staff in Customer Service, Tele-Sales, and Tele-Marketing.

Wasla Outsourcing is headquartered in 17 El-Ahram St., Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt with telephone +202 229 26003.

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