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Wavedrive Philippines

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Wavedrive Philippines is an outsourcing company that assist organizations particularly daycare centers, schools and other charity non profit organizations raise funds or raise extra funds for financing a project like an educational activity, purchasing new equipment, improving or expanding educational facilities, and other noble projects that directly benefits the members of the organization or that advances the cause or advocacy of the organization. Wavedrive Philippines also extends its services to organizations and groups raise money or conceptualize fundraising project at no risk or no cost opportunity whatsoever.

The company utilizes its own ready and proven fund raising model that it uses to help organizations get money in a legal way and effective manner without donor complaining of merely doling money out of their pockets for nothing. Wavedrive Philippines basically raises funds by selling their home products such as cookies and candies. Client companies can have a choice of different products which they can use to sell and raise funds including homestyle fudges and cookies. The products are original recipes which has a shelf life of six months and are very flavorsome that it would drive your donors to beg for more.

The fundraising program of Wavedrive Philippines has absolutely no cost to you. The products, brochures, marketing, distribution (including the shipping and handling cost) is covered by Wavedrive. Wave drive conducts the marketing, telesales or outbound calls to sell the products of the company to raise funds.

The services of Wave Drive is currently available only in the US. It also conducts its solicitation or fund raising drives in the US market only. Aside from raising funds, it also helps in disseminating information about your organization and its noble cause.
Wave Drive inc. is headquartered in 18808 Felbar Avenue, Torrance, California USA.

Wavedrive Philippines call center office address:

  • Wavedrive Cebu
    K & J Bldg., J. Llorente St.
    Cebu City, Philippines
    Tel: (032) 236-1235

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